The Residence at Summerhill

The Residence at Summerhill

Residence at Summerhill is a prestigious residential community surrounded by hectares of naturally landscaped parks. It is based in Summerhill Estate of Wollert and offers a variety of home sites with beautiful views. While designing the catalog, it was important to show that this residence has a family friendly lifestyle and that it recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment. We designed each page to ensure that the reader will get the message and carefully chose the fonts used in this brochure, that together with the graphics look almost organic.

Syntropy’s work is about visual storytelling and animation. Fundamentally it’s about organizing information into a narrative to explain complicated processes, ideas and events. This takes genuine scientific and engineering understanding, together with significant technical knowledge: setting them apart from studios with a purely advertising and marketing focus.

The main areas of business are science, medicine, aerospace and technology.

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The Logo

We redesigned all maps so they can fit the brochure design style while making sure not to add any additional graphic elements that would make the map unreadable. With plans of houses, we made sure not to overwhelm the reader with information and leave only a few important details.

The wordmark subtly reinforces the same message: the dot (or tittle) of the first 'i' is a circle, the second 'i' a square. In an otherwise san serif word mark, we also introduced a slab serif on the second 'i', to give the logo subtle visual intrigue and make it distinctive and ownable. 

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